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"The Top is In."

April 13th, 2019 at 06:41 pm

In case anyone doesn't understand the reference, "The Top is In" is usually used when someone thinks the top of something has happened. As we are dealing with finance here, it refers to the top of the market, i.e. stock market.

Though really in my case its what everyone says on finance forums when they have finally hit a major point or milestone (just in humor - well sorta...) As for me taking all of my finances, throwing everything I can think of (457 / Roth IRA / brokerage / DRIPS / Savings / CDs / Bonds / HSA / loan to GF / Paypal balance) I now have.... entered the two comma club. Yeah, I now can add up only financial items (no house / car / pension / bric-a-brac included) make it over one million with about a thousand to spare.

Has the world changed? No not really. I still go to an office on weekdays. The GF has retired though, so that is something. Still, I need to declutter and get rid of the excess in my life, I don't need more - which I have to say makes my yard sale-ing less enjoyable. I buy so little any more as I really need nothing much now. Today I went out and spent $5 - only on a present and a little speculation.

Now if only I could get off the stupid project at work (somehow I don't think that's going to happen any time soon - even after I told them to get me the hell off of it, they seem to be doubling down on that). Time for me to go and celebrate or something I guess.