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Can I be an "expert" too?

July 25th, 2006 at 05:46 pm

You know 'em. The ones you see on TV, hear on radio, read in the paper. The "expert" on ... well whatever it is they're talking about. Sometimes they're an expert due to their life experiences, sometimes its due to education (quite often dubious, but let's give 'em the benefit of the doubt). Then there is the ones that for the life of me I think they pick off the street. The ones that like to hear themselves talk.

I can hear you thinking, "What got this rant started?" As well you should think that. So what was it? I tend to listen to "Marketplace" on NPR radio each evening (ok, usually 2-3 days each week). They often will have someone read a little one to two minute speech on their thoughts on the economy or sometimes just anything at all. Today they had a .... ehm ... "wonderful" commentary by some woman that thinks she knows how to save. What's her secret? Its to save money on the big ticket items and ignore everything else.

Her advice? You spend $4 on a latte every day? No problem. Brown bagging a lunch? Why bother? Giving your husband a haircut? Boy are you missing the big picture. Is someone telling you to save money this way? Roll your eyes (but only when they're not looking.)

She is the co-founder of some "group". If I start a group, can I be an expert too?

Lastly, I should say that when the time comes up, "Yes - Oh holy Yes" you should pay attention to the big ticket items. You certainly can get a big advantage when the big ticket items come up. But ignoring the rest is stupid, stupid, hello is anyone home? stupid.

Oh, and finally, if anyone from NPR is reading this, I just formed the "High Impact Saving" Group (tm). If you need an expert commentary, don't be shy to ask.

(Oops, almost forgot, here is the link:

PS: Perhaps I shouldn't.... aaaaaaaaah, I can't help myself..... but her group is the "business talent group". Just what exactly is their talent???? (bad blogger, baaaaad blogger)

4 Responses to “Can I be an "expert" too?”

  1. Jed Says:

    That was quite funny. I also listen to marketplace but I think that anyone who says that you should ignore items that you purchase over and over is missing something, IMO, or just has a ton of money already.

    I totally identify with this idea of "who is an expert" too! Who decides these things? And in fact, what makes someone qualified. I don't think it matters if they are experts or just regular people. I just listen to what someone says and ask myself if it makes sense. I think that we are the really the best judges of who is an expert.

    And just because I am not touting myself as a money expert doesn't mean that I don't have anything useful to say that might help you. Whether it is debt, investing, money, whatever, we just need to pay attention to anything we read and decide for ourselves.

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    Well, if they follow this advice they'll be the (out of) business (lack of) talent group.

  3. Susan Says:

    Amelia Tyagi's take on the little things don't count must have never lived with teenagers or twenty+ something year old daughters. Now that I live alone I find I am not compelled to buy junk food or anything else that I consider a luxury. I do buy air-popped popcorn in a bag (generic) and I have free cable at my apts. And I feel appropriately guilty about eating out even once a month. It bothers me now to the point of reconsidering all of my expenses. The other day I left a 6 ft. cable at the cash register at Target for one that was cheaper at Wal-Mart. I'm becoming militant, if not revolutionary. But I was inspired by Amy D.......'s (sorry Amy) book, The Tightwad Gazette way back whenever it was published. I'm not into splicing two-ply toilet paper yet, but if I was stranded with Tom Hanks on a deserted island, I would probably have to rethink that too. It ticks me off to pay $1.00 for coffee when I know how relatively cheap it is. I'm sorry, I get carried away, but Girl! just 3 lattes at Sbuck is at least $10.00 a week and then $40-50 a month. That's 2/3 of my electric bill. the list is endless and it does matter. As a previous member of the Tried and True Club, we came, we saw, but we did not conquer. Now I belong to the Tired and True Club, hence exhausted from blowing my hard-earned bucks on stuff that is fluff. THE END

  4. LuxLiving Says:

    Why, YES, yes you can - I am THE expert on experts and I'll allow as how you can be one too! Go 'fer it and get her done! Just send your $75 application fee and completed application form to me at P.O. Box...

    This was funny!

    Silly, silly expert. Good, GOOD blogger!! Rant on, with your badself!!

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