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The time has come to talk of many things

October 13th, 2012 at 09:29 pm

But not of shoes, ships, nor sealing-wax (google it if you need a refresher on that reference), but instead on my goal set up so many years ago (3 years ago I think) for when I turned 50. Well, for good or bad, cross the 50 year mark I did. Do I feel 50? Well yes I do, but only because of the seriously bad chest cold that hit last weekend and am still recovering from. Easily the worst I felt in about 4 years, though having the girl friend with me last weekend to spoil me some helped tremendously.

As for my goal, it was to have $250,000 in my retirement accounts at this time, without having any outstanding debts. Three years ago I had maybe $35,000 left on the mortgage, and probably $140,000 in my retirement accounts. Man, that was a large goal to accomplish, now that I look at it. So did I make it? Well the stock market didn't tank between writing that and now (it was just starting to come out of the crater at that point), so that sure helped. And I used $10,000 in maturing CDs to help on the mortgage. But still, given those qualifications, I am very happy with myself at this point. I have $271,000 in my retirement accounts ($215k + $56k) and a paid off car and house, so I am very happy with the results, and yes I did make it with a little room to spare.

My other savings are finally starting to inflate (about time), so soon the time will come to see if I need any new goals. For now its time to relax (and recover).