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2020 Year End Review

January 2nd, 2021 at 05:19 am

Wow, when you thought "life can't get any crazier", 2020 comes along and takes that statement as a challenge.  With that stating the obvious, here is my year in review.

Well I sure didn't expect this.  I had been expecting some type of pullback at the start of the year and March sure gave it to us.  Yet like everyone else here I am with amazing growth by year end.  I started the year with investments at $1,090,000 and ended with them at $1,305,000.  I put $50,000 into my accounts which means they grew $165,000.  That's way more than I gross in a year (and multiples of my yearly expenses).   Hard to believe this amount doesn't even match the 2019 growth, though I discount that given the large drop at the end of 2018 inflating that number.  As I mentioned last year, I was able to double contribute to my 457 account this year for a total of $39k.  Of that I contributed as 95% Roth.   I also upped my savings account (outside of the investments) by $5,000 which is nice to see too (its now over 1 year of expenses). 

As part of my "investments" (though not included above) I am one year further along with my pension.  I now have a vested yearly payout of $36k, though I need to hold on to the beginning of 2023 for that.  The exciting thing for me is that I am now eligible for an immediate reduced pension.  I could leave today and get $24k/year, but I think I can handle sticking around for two more years.  I remember 2003 when I was unemployed and getting around $1,000/mo. unemployment, having very little savings and a mortgage.  And thinking that unemployment would run out in a few months, and then what?  My situation today is a world of difference.