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Man, you gotta check everything

September 15th, 2007 at 03:47 am

Just when you thought it was safe, you find out it isn't.

In this case, it was my assumption of when I signed up for a CD, and they gave me a paper with the rate of interest, that I would get that rate of interest. Silly me. Well I had one of many CDs mature this past week, and didn't think much of it until I put the amount into a spreadsheet and compared the results with other CDs. Then I noticed the numbers looked off, so I did a little checking. This CD got only about 2/3 of the interest it was supposed to. Boy was I surprised. I went to the credit union office (same building where I work), and gave them the original paperwork. 2 days later the correct amount showed up.

Nothing extrordinary there, except the fact that you should always check the numbers. Checkout receipts, and now even the interest you get from the bank.

BTW, the interest I "recovered" was about $40. Certainly worth it.