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Bills are down for the past month

July 11th, 2009 at 02:28 am

Couple good things so far this month...

Got this month's CC bill, it was only a little over $200. That may sound bad, but it has most all of my expenses on it but utilities (and even some of those), and is usually much larger. That is great! This month will be worse, as I just had a $300 car repair bill. Oh well, these things happen with older cars.

And speaking of utilities, my last electric bill was under $50. Not bad for living in swampy DC. (I've been using only 1 window AC unit)

I've kept up with my new exercise program for one month now. So far I have dropped about 12 lbs, and the muscle definition has definitely improved. And I can even do a chin up now (ok, only 3 at a time, but wow, I never could do that before!)

I donated blood today (so no exercising!). I wish I felt better physically after doing it, but I know its something I should do, so I keep going back.

And I visited my mother the past weekend, and took to her the replacement outdoor grill she has been looking for (her's was 30 years old). I paid $50 and did a lot of clean up on it (and she could see I did a lot of work), so she gave me $75 for the grill and effort which was nice.

Of course now I need to pay my real estate tax bill (bad) but it is only 2/3 of what it had been for the past few years (good!).

Nothing earth shattering above, but hey sometimes thats a good thing, right?

Tilting at windmills

July 8th, 2009 at 08:46 pm

Getting your own windmill has been for the past years has been for the most part an effort in futility (so I've heard anyway). But now comes this product that is supposed to make it so easy to set one up on your house. While it sounds great, you have to wonder if the devil is in the details somewhere.

My biggest gripe with this would be there is no storeage of the power, so if the power goes out you still won't be able to say, power an AC unit for every 15 minutes out of an hour. All you could do is run some lights I would suspect. Still I will have to follow this and see how the reality is when they are on the market.

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Your own windmill