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If you're driving lots this holidays, this could be for you...

December 1st, 2008 at 06:08 pm

... with a couple of "your milage may vary" warnings thrown in. If you're the type that is diligent in paying off your credit cards so you don't pay fees, here is one that could be for you.

It gives you 30 cents back in rebates per gallon (only for 2 months!). This was obviously set up while gas prices were high, but they are still honoring this offer now that prices have dropped. I signed up and now my net cost for gas this holiday will come in around $1.50 or so a gallon. Not too shabby!

Of course if you don't pay your bills right away, or just hate credit cards, then pass on this. Otherwise, hey, save some money! With my planned driving this December/January, I figure to save over $100. This I can like!