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Lots of little things keep adding up

November 2nd, 2009 at 07:51 pm

Nothing overly thrilling here, just lots of news on how if you keep with the plan, it will work. (You know the plan, saving money and making good investments!)

My reirement accounts are now $15k more than they were at the start of last year's meltdown. Of course since then I have put in $3K at the end of last year, $15K so far this year, and $5K into my Roth IRA, so its not like I am brilliant or anything. But at least I didn't panic and pull money out when the accounts were cratering, as they have all made vary nice rebounds.

My "Trash DRIP" (

Text is Read the details here and Link is
Read the details here) is at about $900. I'm not getting rich, but it helps.

I've been finding more and more ways to save and now make money at yard sales. Last week I got a new pair of wonderful work shoes for $5 & I'm wearing them now. But better is buying things I can resell. Some highlights are 3 books I bought for $1/each. Only one has sold online so far, but I got $13 for it. Two weeks ago I bought a DVD TV season set for $2. I put it on and it sold in three days for $15. (DVDs are going extremely cheap at yard sales this year!)

And I rarely go to Walmart, but when I did a month ago I found in a clearance isle some remote control car/airplane batteries & chargers for $1 each (or less!). I bought 4 and tried to sell only two so far. I got $15 combined for those two. I may list another one tonight. And now I have gotten someone to buy (on Craigslist) a large toy train that I was ignoring for the past 5 years (my bad!) that took up too much space even in its box. Of course they're paying me $10 more than I paid for it!

Now actually this money (and other sales profits) has gone towards my hobby purchases I have made this summer, but the net hobby cost (hobby costs less profits from above) this year has been very minimal (Maybe $250 for the whole year?). So this is great - less clutter, more (or better) of what I really want, and more money I can put to retirement or paying off my house (which with accelerated payments is less than 3 years to go). And that's the goal, no mortgage or other debt, then I don't have to worry about the economy or anything else (not that I worry now, but as I was unemployed for a year at one time, I know how things can go bad quickly).