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Slowing economy helped me this weekend

April 7th, 2008 at 10:05 pm

Not that I am wishing for or happy about a slow economy, but sometimes good things can come from the strangest places. And for me, it was almost like a Christmas present last Friday.

This actually starts a decade ago when I bought my home. I got a good price for a 1960 home that needed some repairs and upgrades. I figured I could do it as time permitted. Anyway, the house came with what turned out to something I never got rid of. A dead natural gas fueled air conditioner. I didn't know if it worked when I bought the house, and it turned out it didn't. I disconnected the gas and electricity to it, but it was sooooo heavy, there was no way I could remove it. So it stayed there and rusted. I tried to dismantle it, and was partly successful, but the main unit was still too heavy. I figured I would need to pay someone $100 or more to get it out of there, but I just didn't get to it.

Fast forward to Friday, and I get a knock at the door after work. The man tells me he saw the rusting unit out back and asked if he could remove it. I asked what he charging for it, and he told me no charge - he was taking it for scrap metal. He and his crew of two helpers did house repairs (roofs, siding, etc...) and now that work was hard to come by, they were on the lookout for anyone with scrap metal that they could remove and salvage for scrap metal recycling.

I'm standing there thinking "ok keep a straight face, don't look too happy". "Umm, sure, that would be fine." Boy were they shocked when they tried to move it. I had to wonder if they were ever going to get it out, but I was determined they would get that outta there! So I pulled out from the garage a heavy duty dolly, and they used that to get it to their flat bed they were towing about. They were nice, and tried to be ok moving it, but they made a bit of a mess out back. I'm not complaining, it was well worth the trade, and it certainly can be cleaned up.

And here I thought those strangers knocking on my door were always a nuisance. Not so! (I still can't believe its gone.)