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A/C conservation results are in...

August 22nd, 2008 at 07:07 pm

and they were more impressive than I could have imagined.

Due to various life issues I have been concentrating on work, dealing with life problems, and saving money. Not fun, but there are times you gotta do what you gotta do. Anywho, this summer I have tried to see how far I could go without a/c, without a major heat stroke, or something similar. Not something I would want to do every year, but since there have been lots of days I have come home late, been gone weekends, and so on, well... it seemed like the time to do it. I have CFLs through the house, I use no a/c while I am at work or away, and use window a/c units upstairs only as I feel the need. In the swampy DC area that can be alot of the time! And just for reference, I have a four bedroom house.

Starting this summer, the May bill was $19, a very surprising (low) bill. My June bill almost doubled to $29. The July bill came in at a staggering $35. (ok, extreme sarcasm there in case you missed it) I was really surprised how low I could get the bills, as is my co-worker when I show him the bills. The last few days have been cool at night, so I have been able to go with a window fan which should help as well. I guess this shows you can really save money on electricity if you try - not that I want to do this every year, but its nice to know it can be done.

So what have I done with the money I am saving? Buying more stock in my local electric company (of course!). I don't have a ton of their stock, but based on this usage, and the current dividend rate, my yearly dividend covers about 40% of my yearly usage. I'm working my way toward financial freedom.

Added the next day: Wouldn't you know the next electric bill was waiting for me at home. The mid-July to mid August bill was $46. I think I made it through the summer! I figure the temps should start dropping in a week or two.