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Water bill & more

October 5th, 2006 at 06:55 pm

Just a few thoughts before I talk about the water bill.

I've been reading some personal finance bloggers and some talk about they feel bad sometimes in that they can't get everything they want, and how savings is a drag. They talk about seeing things on TV, and wanting them badly, but stopping themselves. Well here's a thought: save money, don't pay for cable, and watch less! You'll see less commercials, want less, and live a better life. Duh. I guess you gotta give them credit for working on their finances while torturing themselves by seeing all those commercials. I think the behavior is dumb, but then again I've never been considered one to run with the majority.

I set up my latest online banking with E-Loan today. 5.5% interest, not toooooo shabby. One of these days I may hit the point where I have too many accounts to track, but I haven't seen it yet!

The dresser I rescued a few weeks ago is now finished and in service. Not perfect, though you would have to look close to notice the problems. That's the problem when you have made furniture - you notice flaws others wouldn't care about.

Finally, I got my water bill for the third quarter yesterday. I'm certainly not complaining, it was only $20.50. Now I do try to not be wasteful, but its not like I don't use water. Anyhow, with the bill was the company propaganda, including a rate hike for next year. It comes out to about a 3% increase, and I certainly can't complain about that. The interesting part was they described how this would effect an "average" consumer's bill. I am guessing a consumer means a single household. Based on the numbers I back-tracked and worked out the average usage. It is 8 times what mine was! Now my bill was for two people, but you gotta figure the average household is around 4 people. What does this average family do to use 4 times what I do per person? BTW, that average bill would be $125! You mean a lot of homes pay more than this??? Maybe this isn't earth-shattering, but it sure was surprising to me when I ran the numbers.

5 Responses to “Water bill & more”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Just ANOTHER rate hike, electric is supposed to go up too. Then you have natural gas, food, sewer, on and on........ AHHH!

  2. pablo71 Says:

    Our water bill for the past 3 months was $112, and we have a 2 person household. Our rates went up 50% last year due to our city building a 30 million water treatment plant. When we first moved here we paid $70 for 3 months and thought that was cheap compared to where we used to live. A friend of mine in the Milwaukee suburbs with 3 people in his household averages $275 - $300 every 3 months. Down there they have to pay for the deep tunnel project and they still dump untreated sewage into Lake Michigan after heavy rains.

  3. LuxLiving Says:

    SGHI, are you in an apartment? Maybe they have houses with lawns they are watering?? Cars they are washing? I dunno. Your water rate does seem very small especially if that's for a whole quarter. Be very very thankful!!

  4. bennyhoff Says:

    As a follow up:
    I live in a single family home.
    The bill is for water and sewage combined.
    I don't wash my car (ok, not never, but pretty close), though my renter did.
    Unless I think the lawn is totally brown, I let it go. OK, that may not be the best idea, but I believe in a lawn that takes very little work.
    I will water the trees in my yard, but from a bucket so as to waste less water.
    I shower at work during the week - gym privileges cost me $8/mo. And yes, I do work out *every* day.
    And finally I hand wash my dishes.

    I compared at work Thursday with a co-worker. He has a townhome, and doesn't do any lawn watering. With a family of four his bill was over three times mine. He was amazed at how low my bill was. I guess it shows being sensible with water can really cut down the bill.

  5. tinapbeana Says:

    single family home 2 occupants 3 months $74 for water, sewage, garbage collection, and taxes. ironically, the water usage portion of the bill was less than $13, taxes are the greatest portion =/

    something that's causes higher bills for a lot of folks are small water leaks that don't get noticed: hose bibs, in the crawl space under the house, a running toilet. goes pack to that 'easy frugality' you mentioned a couple of days ago.

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