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Its Baaaaaack!

February 9th, 2010 at 05:51 pm

For those who can't guess, that is the snow is back. Yowza, I got back in to the office for the first day this week, and already we're closed again for tomorrow. As a salaried dude, this sure don't make me sad. The local forecast was for 10+ with the majority of it coming from midnight to 8 AM. For this evening (6-midnight) the forecast was for 1 to 4 inches. Well after two hours (6-8PM) there was already 3 inches on the driveway, and it hasn't slowed down.

The only bad part about this (other than MORE snow shovelling!) is that I had signed up for a singles dinner for Thursday night, and its on the other side of town. This is making me wonder if they'll be able to have it now (and if I can even get there!).

Oh, and btw, the winds are supposed to pick up tomorrow as well. As I've told my relatives up north, we've now become the new snow belt.

Someone on the Washington Post site had the best comment for the start of tonight/tomorrow's storm - "All hands brace for impact!"

6 Responses to “Its Baaaaaack!”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Here in the midwest I have two feet of snow on each side of my driveway and even more down by the street. Enjoy the shoveling!

  2. boomeyers Says:

    I am in the Midwest too. Its going through me before it gets to you. :-) The wind is BITTER!!!! Stay safe!

  3. Ima saver Says:

    It's snowing here in Georgia here too!

  4. ME2 Says:

    They had been predicting 6-10" for my neck of the woods. I am guessing we got 4-5". I consider myself lucky. I was able to get to work about in about 5 minutes longer than it normally takes and I was even held up by a train for about 5 minutes. It helped that all the area schools were closed and traffic was quite light. I *forced* myself to go in, LOL, because Friday is my furlough day and I'd rather have a 3-day weekend (I NEVER get President's Day off) than a day off in the middle of the week.

  5. bennyhoff Says:

    Wow, I have power (it was out for maybe 8 hours this morning) Looks like it was "only" 10-12 inches at my house. Snow just stopped, but the wind is howling, occassionaly I don't know what against my window here (snow, ice, bits of tree?). I need to get outside and try to shovel some of this snow. Not sure how much is on the roof, but on the garage with a milder slope it looks like almost 3 feet. It had snow from a week and half ago, then this weekend, and now this extra on top of it all. The only reason the house roof isn't as deep is the steep slope. The snow can't stick any more, especially with the wind.

  6. -Jerry- Says:

    It's been pretty snowy here in SE Europe, as well, but the last two days it has been warmer (which leads to... slushy) which I can't stand. I hope that you get a few nice days off out of it, and that you have some insurance that the dinner will proceed as planned! Enjoy the shoveling... =)

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