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Books, books (and oh yeah, books)

August 29th, 2009 at 10:23 am

A sorta rant here, as I try to extricate myself from the overwhelming piles of books left with me from my ex. While this wasn't her only problem, it certainly contributed to her complaining she didn't have any money. She kept buying books, reading a few pages, then buying more books. I know because they are like new, and I often find book marks in them, usually somewhere within the first 50 pages.

Previously I could return some to Barnes & Noble without receipts and get store credits (I was able to get DVDs there for over two years without paying for anything!), but that isn't an option now. So I am selling on Half.com, and this month I have 15 sales (on top of another 25 sold earlier this year). I still have almost 150 listed, and I am still digging out books and listing them when I get the time. Plus I have probably another 200 in boxes that I already checked and won't sell for enough to bother with, so I either sell them at a yard sale for a pittance, try Craigslist, or give them away. Ugh.

I used to like reading books, and I do like to get some money from selling them, but this has really turned me off of books.

OK, rant over. And as an FYI, the sales for this month totalled about $75, so at least that's something worthwhile.

5 Responses to “Books, books (and oh yeah, books)”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Do you have a Half-Price bookstore in your area? It won't net you a lot, but they may give you something for the ones you're looking at giving away or garage selling.

  2. bennyhoff Says:

    Hmmmm, there might be one or two used book stores up in old town, I suppose I could go by there and see. Though with today's economy they have probably been so overwhelmed with people asking them to buy books, they probably don't want any. Good idea, I'll check into it.

    And oh yeah, another sale since I wrote this 3 hours ago.

  3. CouponAddict Says:

    It is worth your time to check out a used book store that sell books for the ones not listed. We have two in town that I go to, one I go just to sell as the way they do it you end up paying 1/4 list price with a trade. The second is my favorite to buy from as your trade in two and get one for $.75.

    The nice thing is I have found if they will take the books it will net you more than a rummage sale. Second option is donation which I have done, it just depends on what you want from the books; a small cash reward now or a tax deduction in the future.

  4. scfr Says:

    Ebay now lets you list books for only 5-cents listing fee as long as it's not auction style (has to be "Buy It Now"). I have books listed on both Half.com & Ebay and get much more activity on Ebay.

  5. boomeyers Says:

    For the books that you can not sell, donate them. Give them to the library, nursing home, schools, etc and then use the full price amount as a donation on your tax return!! It will still pay you back! :-)

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