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Eat, Pray, Love. Do we really have to?

August 22nd, 2010 at 04:06 pm

Before I get onto the theme for today, let me pass along my latest utility bills (read savings): $16.85 for nat. gas, under $50 for my electric, and my quarterly water bill (for 2nd quarter) was $12. I also spent some time today repairing some items around the house, so this was a good weekend.

OK, remainder of this is very unfinancial ... you have been warned.

Friday night I went to one of these singles dinners, where we had 4 guys, 4 gals, at a table. Evening didn't start too bad, we got our food (and as none of us had eaten there before we were kinda clueless on how to eat this type of ethnic food which was amusing), and started with various chatting. About 30 minutes into the meal one of the women brings up the movie. A quick discussion starts to see who saw it (4 women, 0 men - big surprise), and one woman says of course this is a chick flick, you can't expect the guys to have seen it. OK, fair enough.

No big deal right? Well not so fast. Instead of trying to talk with the men, the 3 women to my left continue on discussing the finer points of the movie, while the guys just sit there and eat and listen. The other woman talks with me on various things, but while we talk I can hear this conversion about the movie going non-stop between the three women. Just after it finally ends (20 minutes? Maybe more?) I decide to test the woman to my right. "Oh wow, the other women just finished a discussion about Eat Pray Love." "Really, Oh wow, I should have been talking with them, I so wanted to discuss the movie with others." Hmmm, make that "failed test".

About another 20-30 minutes later they had the guys swap tables so we could meet other women. But at the end of the movie discussion I had already "checked out" from this group of women. Good Lawd, WTF are they thinking? Go to a dinner designed to get you to know and maybe meet someone of the opposite sex, and then just go on about something the others don't care about, and you know they don't care about? Maybe us guys should have started a round robin discussion about the NFL for the upcoming year. At least we knew enough not to do something that dumb. "Oh they're single you say? At this rate they're going to stay that way."

I left that table and didn't look back. The other women were better, though that's faint praise in this case. Nothing sparked with them, but at least they knew why they came. Still, what a waste of time and money. After this I am going to change my way of trying to get with women, because after this third time its obvious the women at these dinners are single for a reason.

10 Responses to “Eat, Pray, Love. Do we really have to?”

  1. nmboone Says:

    Great post! I love hearing bad dating stories because I'm single myself (late twenties). Sorry you didn't meet anyone interesting. But if it makes you feel any better, that movie sounds really stupid to me. Those women should've gotten together for a ladies night if that's all they wanted to talk about. Hope your next dating approach goes a little better.

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I've heard that movie hasn't gotten very good reviews - though I still plan on seeing it since it has Julia Roberts in it. Smile
    On topic though ... that really wasn't very smart of the ladies. If you're out at a social event who's main purpose is to meet men ... well it's not time to bond with the ladies next to you.

    When I was younger (late 20's) I tried a dating club for awhile. Went to several events. Unfortunately, I never was able to really feel a part of the group. Most of the people in it seemed to have been in it for a LONG time, and not willing to include new people. Now, in my mid-30's, I just don't see a lot of quality available men out there. (At least not any who are willing to get to know someone who isn't 150lbs or less. Or at least not any in my race - Hispanic men (usually older ones, like late 40's at least) and African-American men at laundromats or the library or the junk yard or a gas station ... they'll give me a second look. At least till I tell them, "Sorry, I have a boyfriend." I remember this one guy at the library, he looked at me walking up to the doors, and preemptively said, "You have a boyfriend, right?" Guess he got that a lot.)

  3. monkeymama Says:

    Hell, I am sick of hearing about that movie. Big Grin

  4. homebody Says:

    I'm not going to see it and I am a woman. Have absolutely no interest. Never read the book.

  5. Tabs Says:

    Hmm, you are right to feel that way. This is (presumably) a singles meet dinner right? Sorry it didn't work out.

    On the other hand, I'm glad the ladies there seem like they had a good time. I like seeing people around me have a good time. But then, I also don't think I can do the singles meet thing but that's just me.

  6. midlight21 Says:


  7. -Jerry- Says:

    I'm glad that the ladies had a good time, too, but unless they were attending this event with an eye that it might lead to female companionship I think they were rather selfish. Communication is give and take, and without some insurance that the other party is interested in the topic at hand I think it's best to keep looking for something that will pique everybody's interest.

  8. baselle Says:

    Made me laugh. You get out what you put in. If the goal was to do something, make new friends in a generic way and not be at home, I guess the ladies did all right. If they were there to broaden their network and "date", then um, no one met the goal.

    Besides, if you had seen the movie you would have been branded as a gay man by them anyway so you weren't going to win.

    FWIW - If the conversation had turned to the NFL, well, that interested me more than the movie would have. Would have gotten in on that!

  9. homebody Says:

    Ha ha Baselle, my daughters too! My husband was seriously the ONLY man in the movie Where the Heart Is. In fact he came in separately from us girls because he was at work and took off to spend time with us. We saw a woman aquaintance afterwards who saw him come in by himself and she made a joke about how happy she was to see the rest of us. Ha Ha. And I think I was about the only woman in the movie The Perfect Storm. I live in a former strongly fishing economy and I am sure the seats were filled with former fisherman.

  10. katwoman Says:

    You are a HOOT! Haven't been reading the blogs in ages and came across this gem.

    Now I'm hooked on "single guy".

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