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Yard Sale finds and interesting economic articles

September 13th, 2010 at 06:39 pm

Yard sales this year have been either a feast or famine situation (usually famine). Not sure if thats due to me needing so little any more, or the economy, but it is something I have seen this year. Last weekend I spent 35 cents total on a workout Tee-shirt, replacement vacuum belts, and a mid 30's lithographed American Flag shield that clamps to a car's radiator and can hold 5 flags (mucho cool - looks like you would use it at parades). I'll call that famine. Now the prior weekend I got only 2 things - a workout inflatable ball for $1, and a still new, still in the shrink wrap, slot car race set for $4. The set is one of these large scale sets made in Europe that sells for $200. That was my feast week. Smile

And for those of you that like financial articles, this I think is a great series where they try to come up with just what has happened in the past 40-so years in America for the middle class. I don't agree with all of it, but it is thought provoking: http://www.slate.com/id/2266025/entry/2266026/

3 Responses to “Yard Sale finds and interesting economic articles”

  1. dmontngrey Says:

    Nice find on the slot car set! We found an original in box Marchon set that's over 70' of racing and 5'x 7' when set up in it's suggested configuration. No clue how much it's worth, but MUCH more than $5. Big Grin
    Haven't hit too many yard sales this year due to DH's work schedule. Frown

  2. bennyhoff Says:

    I had not heard of Marchon before, looks like it was mostly made in the 90's (from what I can find on ebay). Some of those sets look to be quite valuable. Of course those are HO size (1/2 the size of what I got last week). In the past two years I have picked up a number of HO slot car sets: Two LifeLike NASCAR sets (2000's), as well as a Tyco set (1970's), and an Ideal slotless race car set with a dozen cars (also 1970's). Track isn't interchangeable between manufacturers, but the cars are (except for the slotless set). I am stocked up with track now, I just need someone to have a little fun with Smile.

  3. dmontngrey Says:

    Oh yes, of course you do! Smile
    We've had many hours of fun with our set - two adult household here! Oh, and I've never seen a set on Ebay that's even half the size of the one we found.

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