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The names have been changed to protect...

December 11th, 2010 at 03:18 pm

... the guilt ... errr, I mean the innocent. I tend to talk finances with a co-worker, who last summer was talking about getting a new car. He admits he doesn't save nearly enough (and he is amazed at how much I save and how little I can spend and still get good things), and he is nearly my age with a wife and one child still living at home. His house is falling apart (his words), and he has been spending money like crazy to fix various issues. I haven't kept track, but it had to be $10,000 or more this year alone.

Anyway, as he started to look for another car (he felt his latest new one was having issues) he looked at various models, including an expensive car he had wanted since he was first driving (you know - a super sports car). He had mentioned it to me, and he already knew I would say "Are you crazy, what a waste of money". I did try to be even handed with it, mentioning that I had read where some frugal types would say "save your money on what you don't care about to spend it on what you really want". "If that reallllly makes you happy, then maybe its worth it to you." That said, I *did* think it was crazy to spend that type of money (and said that too).

Later I heard that his wife kept saying "get the car, you deserve it". She didn't go to college, works but doesn't make that much, and doesn't worry about finances, or how it can stress him. Ugh. And so he bought the car. He told me that even while buying it he kept hearing in his mind what I would think of it. (And he was right! :P) Not sure on the price, I think it was around $35,000. The expense was so much, he had to get a 6 year loan, and even then his payment is (I am estimating here) almost half his mortgage payment.

Since then I have kidded him, asking if he has his first scratch yet (yep), and how often is he going to get pulled over (once already). Yowza. Now this past week we were at the office Christmas get together. There different people ooh'd and aaahhh'd about the car. They all loved the car, and asked what the wife said about it. He told them she was the one encouraging him to get it. I then hear lots of "oh, what a great wife". The whole time I am cringing inside. No concern about if he can afford it or about how "helpful" she is with the bills. Ugh. I think most of the people there are in two income households, but even so, no one was concerned if he could afford it? What's the saying, "If you still have a job, there is no recession."? Some people still live in their own bubble of fantasy, even today I'm afraid.

6 Responses to “The names have been changed to protect...”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:


  2. miclason Says:

    I guess they assume that if he has it, he can pay for it... OUCH! I´d be cringing, too!

  3. baselle Says:

    I'm cringing with you. What you have are two overspenders, rather than an spender and a saver.

  4. CB in the City Says:

    I am sure they feel it is none of their business whether he can afford it or not. And it's done, so might as well oooh and ahhhh. And always better to say a wife is great than to say, oh, maybe not. Just social speak. But I understand your concern -- it is encouraging a dangerous mindset. You know him better, so you know the back story. Perhaps this time he will really learn that indulging yourself doesn't always feel good.

  5. PatientSaver Says:

    We're all just a layoff away from getting a view of the edge of the abyss.

  6. dmontngrey Says:

    Ouch, scary indeed. I'm starting to learn some folks will never change. Also, DH is finally learning what a GREAT wife he has - that I prevent him from doing stupid things like this.

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