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The Never Ending Soap Bar

September 30th, 2013 at 12:19 pm

Using small savings adds up over time. I believe I previously commented that I had enough soap to last me until I retired. Well... for over the past year I have done even better as my cleaning supplies have actually increased for no cost at all.

Due to gifts of excess soap stocks from my girlfriend (saved from work related travel stays), as well as free soap I get at yard sales (I even picked up 4 Big Grin bars for free at an estate sale on Saturday) my collection of soap and shampoo has actually increased in the past 15 months. And even my dish detergent supplies have increased, as I have been able to get deals from stores like CVS where I got this past week (using coupons and other deals) the following for $2 (2 bags of snickers, large bottle of dish detergent, bag of honey pretzels - my favorite pretzels, and 2 bottles of skin lotion). And then I went back with more coupons on Sunday night and picked up a bottle of clothes detergent, 2 more bottles of dish detergent (as well as a can of shaving cream and a bottle of mouthwash) for only $0.63. This doesn't save much in a week, but over time it really starts to add up.


On other financial news...

My trash savings (I recycle and compost most everything) have been plowed into a DRIP for the past 6 years - its now over $3,000 and growing. The latest dividend was over $22 and it grows about $1 / quarter.

My yearly trip to Florida is paid for ... well that is other than the gas to get there, and the tickets for the parks while we are there. It will also be nice to leave and come back to a paycheck awaiting me. Smile

On day to day finances I'm not sure what to say. Everything is on autopilot right now. I made two apple pies this week - given the free apples I have, the rest of the ingredients cost maybe $1. My monthly food comes in around $100 - maybe $125 if I am honest (too many pizzas!).


Interesting Note....

Looking back 3 years, my salary less taxes and deductions (insurance & pension basically) I estimate at around $225k. Now in those same three years my net worth excluding the house went up near $200k. But if you include the house, where I paid off the last $26k on my house, that would total around $225k, the same as what I obtained to cover living expenses and savings. And this includes a time where I bought my low mileage used car, had vacation trips to Florida each year, travelled lots to be with (and do things with) my girlfriend, and had other experiences (that I am not itemizing here!). So I am very, very pleased, even with a job with no raises, life is working out oh so well. Smile Smile Smile

4 Responses to “The Never Ending Soap Bar”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    Interesting. Soap from estate sales. I hadn't even considered it!
    And, I'm curious about the 'garbage' drip. Do you auto transfer trash savings to a special account, and how do you calculate savings?

  2. bennyhoff Says:

    The soap I have found outside in "free" boxes - apparently if they can't sell something for at least a dollar, they don't want to bother.

    As for the trash DRIP, local trash pickup is $25-$30/mo. I started a DRIP that would allow monthly automatic purchases for no cost in 2007. The money comes directly out of my checking account each month. Initially I started with $25/mo. but I have upped it over time, as I now include some of my savings by not having a phone line either (I have used a VOIP system for 2.5 years). It is now investing $40/mo., so my account balance growth is accelerating (albiet slowly).

  3. ThriftoRama Says:

    Interesting. Can I ask which drip you do? A lot of them have minimums or fees higher than that, that is why I ask!

  4. bennyhoff Says:

    I am doing the DRIP with Kelloggs. The minimum is $25/mo and no fees (but only if you do automatic investing). The stock was sorta flat lined until recently, which I guess is a good thing, as I was able to buy more cheaply.

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