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On the road again...

November 1st, 2013 at 07:39 am

... can't wait to get back on the road again... Yes, it has arrived, the last day before I head off on a week long vacation. And its a good day in other ways. I got my super-sized paycheck today (instead of a raise, we are getting a 1% bonus, all of it paid today), I sent off two ebay sales this morning, and I have four more to get sent out. Thankfully they aren't big, I can easily take them with me if they don't pay tonight. I probably made $100 on this week's sales (the best is a lot of toy cars I paid $2 for and I am getting $40 for Smile).

The gas gift card arrived yesterday. Perfect timing. It's only good for one brand of gas, but still... we'll just check prices each time we stop, and if the prices are the same we'll use the gift card. Otherwise we'll go to the cheaper gas and put the purchase on my new credit card so I buy enough to get my latest CC reward ($200) Big Grin.

I also have another $5 gift card ready to give my girl friend. So that's good.

I'm leaving with my fridge stocked up with apples and pears. They both seem to last a long time, so a week away shouldn't make a difference to them. The yard is a mess with leaves, but that can't be helped at this time of year.

And finally everything from work is working smoothly today. No stress, just some boredom until I leave. Yep, can't wait to get back on the road again.

3 Responses to “On the road again...”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Enjoy your trip!!

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Have fun...the leaves will be there when you get back. :-)

  3. Wino Says:

    I read about a lady who does yard sales and eBay to make a living. She buys baby clothes (often with the tags still attached), and then lists them on eBay. She pays like 25 to 50 cents per, and sells for over $5 per. It doesn't take many sales to build up some pretty good cash doing that. Why she'd advertise it, though, is beyond me.

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