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Never ending soap bar redux

February 10th, 2017 at 08:21 pm

In the past I pointed out it seemed like I would never have to pay for soap again. I had built up quite a stockpile from CVS when they were having freebie sales some years ago, and since then I had been finding more ways to get soap for free that my stockpile barely budged. Well that hasn't stopped since I wrote on this last time. Last year that didn't stop as I got soap for free from various places (in free boxes at estate sales / yard sales usually) as well as a large cake of soap used by someone for "soapmaking" along with a book on how to do it - it was the end of the day and she just wanted it gone. Also going through the SG-GF's items we found more bars of soap she wasn't going to use, so that added to the lot. And then whenever we go on trips, we get soap bars wherever we stay. So by the end of the year I think I had more soap than at the beginning of the year.

A new year and it has re-started already. Someone cleared out their desk at work, and left out for anyone travel bars of soap and shampoos. Well now I am stocked up with another month or two of supplies before I have to start on my original stash. Who knows when the next lot will fall into my lap - it seems like it always happens.

Yeah, it probably doesn't save a ton of money, but my stocks of soap, shampoo, deodorant, even dish detergent, have barely budged since I don't know when. But it all counts - waste not want not - and that extra money helps to bulk up my savings for a rainy day (or to use with the SG-GF for various enjoyments in life).

3 Responses to “Never ending soap bar redux”

  1. Sian Says:

    If only I could do this with body wash...

  2. terri77 Says:

    I have a neverending supply of soap as well, but only because I keep purchasing it. The travel bars that I get from my travels I donate to the homeless vets programs. I am thinking of switching to soap wash, however, because I am over the soap scum.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Glad you can save money by getting such great deals on soap. I took a plastic bag with me and brought home the soap we used in the hotel on our way to Savannah and I'm almost through the bar -- it was larger than the usual hotel soap bars. Normally, I donate the unopened bars to the local food pantry and they hand them out to the homeless.

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