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The End is coming

February 15th, 2020 at 02:03 pm

Well the end of my pseudo / pretend / whatever pre-retirement. Not really pre-retirement I guess, but it will be 2 weeks being a caretaker with my mother recovering from surgery. And I am sure retirement could feel like this. Pretty easy really. After a few days she has been able to get around and take care of herself (not perfect, but she can and is mostly willing), but when you have as much sick leave to burn as I do, and you can use it to take care of a relative, why shouldn't I take advantage of the opportunity?

In any case, being able to sleep in day after day, sorta lose track of the day of the week, not stressing about money, binge Netflix, yeah - I could get used to this. Nice to see my accounts go up while I have been here. Also have been able to go to the really inexpensive grocery store and picked up some workout supplements, protein bars, and more for not much. That's a nice plus too.

Retirement is nice - I see why people recommend it.

2 Responses to “The End is coming”

  1. Dido Says:

    I'm glad your mother is recovering and that you enjoyed your brief period of stepping back from work.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Glad your mom is doing well and it was nice of you to be there for her.

    I highly recommend retirement. We do have a bit of a set schedule here and there to keep us on track, but to be honest, we spend far less than when we worked since there's more available time to do things. We grocery shop on Wednesday mornings -- that's when the ads come out for the stores. I have time to gather coupons, do the digital coupons, Ibotta, etc. Plus, if we don't want to get out, we don't have to. This week, we had some snow and really cold temps and we stayed in where it was warm and safe. We figured by not being out, we weren't getting in the way of those folks who have to go to work.

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